Fresh Giant Int'l

US Fresh Produce Exporter / Importer

Our fresh produce direct from the USDA / GAP / NSF certified farms.
We specialize in the distribution and sale of high quality whole vegetable and fruit produce to Asian markets over 20 years.

Fresh Giant Int'l, US Fresh Produce Exporter / Importer!

Over 20 years of experience. Based in the Southern California, activities include strategic sourcing and marketing products for exporting to or importing from Asian Markets...

  • Award-Winning Service
  • Quality and Organic Fresh Produce
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Direct Connections with USDA / GAP / NSF Certified Farms
  • Breatheway® Packaging to Extend Shelf Life and Freshness of the Products Shipped to Asian Markets.
  • Contracts with Highest Quality Asian Cargo Ships for Lower Cost On Time Shipments

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